Young adults (18 - 24) have the rare opportunity to spend the entire day in the classroom with Gary Keller. Attendees will hear firsthand the candid life journey of a self-made man who measures his own success by the number of millionaires he has helped create.

Through personal stories, thought-provoking examples and proven models, Keller will teach these individuals how they can get their edge and obtain their “unfair share,” no matter what industry they pursue. In the process, he’ll help students think through the following life-altering questions:

-          Whose life am I leading?

-          What does success look like?

-          How do I know what my potential is?

-          How will I know if I have enough money?

The next day, attendees will attend a mastermind workshop where they’ll participate in hands-on exercises and craft a personal mission statement to guide all of their decisions moving forward. Individuals will leave with concrete tools to implement and the understanding that each choice they make builds upon the first and will ultimately determine their level of success.